What is the largest solar roof in the world?



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    The roof of the Floridae Exhibition Hall in the Netherlands currently holds that record.  Almost 7 acres in area, it is made of 20,000 semi-transparent solar panels which generate 2.3 MW of power.  The semi-transparency also makes for partial shade from the roof, which covers a giant exhibit of plants and flowers.  That exhibit, however, is only put on once every ten years, and the rest of the time, the power generated from the roof is put into the local power grid.

    In the US, the largest solar roof is in energy-hungry Atlantic City, New Jersey, over the Convention Center there.  It is made of 13,321 solar panels which provide 26% of the convention center’s electricity needs.

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    The Floridae Exhibition Hall in the Netherlands has the record for the largest solar roof in the world.  It covers a surface area of 28,000 square meters with solar panels and acting collectively they can generate 2.3 megawats of power.  The hall was built in 2002 and the solar panels are expected to have a 20 year life span.

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