What is the largest solar farm in the Mojave desert?



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    In terms of land use and power production, this is not finished yet, but Bright Source is constructing a solar farm in the Mojave that will supposedly be the largest in the world when it is completed in 2013.  It will have the ability to provide the energy of 140,000 American homes.  The Mojave Solar Park, which was supposed to be completed this year, is also predicted to be the largest of its time with the ability to provide energy to 54,000 homes.

    One could argue that the largest currently operating solar facility (I’m not sure how that differs from farm) in the Mojave and world is the Solar Energy Generating System which consists of 9 plants that use troughs to generate solar electricity and natural gas as a backup.   The SEGS can provide energy to 500,000 people.  


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