What is the largest shipping container home in America?



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    I couldn’t find the largest person home make with shipping containers, although a manufactures website said the largest they’ve done is 24 units.

    The largest shipping container structure in the worlds is in A 1000 unit dorm-room building in Amsterdam. It houses students and meets all of the countries building requirements.

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    There are several ways of addressing this question the answer above addresses the number of people housed.

    By considering square feet per person housed the Debbie Glassbegr House would have be a contenter.

    2600 sqft for a 2 bedroom house ! 

    Personally I liked the house until they tried to greenwash it.

    In the 1970’s the average home was 1440 sqft.

    The greenest home of all is the home that uses only what it needs.

    Namoi Campbells 25 room house is not green despite how hard the architect tries to greenwash it and neither is a 2600 sqft 2 bedroom home made out of custom built containers in China


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