What is the largest renewable energy project currently underway, in the world?



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    Its hard to quantify largest because there are different forms of renewable energy, but here are a few large projects I found in an article.

    Pacific Gas and Electric will supply California with 553 megawatts of oslar energy per yr for the next 25 yrs via solar panels.

    Scotland plans to build the largest wave energy farm harnising 1,300 megawatts of energy by 2020 via tidal (wave) power

    ” The London Array project plans to erect a constellation of more than 340 wind turbines in the outer Thames Estuary, roughly seven miles off the Kent Coast. When construction ends, London Array will be the world’s largest offshore wind farm, generating more electricity than Denmark’s Middelgrunden offshore wind farm, which is the largest offshore farm operational today.”

    Texas Oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens plans a massive wind power farm in Texas with 2,700 wind turbines. These turbines are said to be able to power 1 million homes by the time the farm is completed.

    These are all great examples of large, profitable, green innitiatives. As we can see, funding tends to come from different areas. In California’s solar panel case, the funding somes from government incentives to produce green technology. In European countries (Scotland and England), green innititaves are generally more accepted and the funding (and therefore profits) come (and go) directly from (to) the government. The last example, the large wind power farm being built in Texas, is being funded by some who has alot of personal capital, in this case a rich oil tycoon.


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