What is the largest railway system in the world?



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    It depends what you mean by “largest.” In terms of ridership, the top 3 largest rail systems are those in Moscow, Tokyo, and Seoul–with Moscow being the largest. Tokyo is the largest overall railway system, with over 100 different train lines and millions of riders.

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    To add to the list, the US has the longest rail system in the world.  There are more than 240,000 km of tracks lacing the contiguous 48 states — enough track to circle the earth about 5 times.

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    With 240,000 km of track, the United States has the largest railway system in the world. Russia and Canada are second and third with 154,000 km and 72,961 km respectively. In terms of subway systems, London, England has the largest, follwed by Paris, France and Moscow, Russia.

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