What is the largest planet?



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    The largest planet in our solar system is Jupiter. It is over 1,300 times larger than Earth. The largest planet known in existence is HAT-P-1, which is located in the solar system Lacerta. HAT-P-1 is over 1.4 times larger than Jupiter.

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    Outside of our solar system, the largest planet that has ever been discovered is HAT-P-1, as cox01 mentions. HAT-P-1 is found in the constellation Lacerta, which is about 450 light-years from Earth. Bizarrely, HAT-P-1 is the least dense of all known planets, and as a whole the planet is about 1/4 the density of water. This is similar to Saturn, meaning that it is lighter than cork and would float in water if there was a tub of water large enough to contain the planet (there is obviously not). Unlike Saturn it would float 3 times high than Saturn, that is how low its density is. Another peculiar feature of HAT-P-1 is that it does not appear to have a solid core, unlike all the familiar gas giants in our solar system. While HAT-P-1 is larger than Jupiter, it has much more mystery to it, as the large size and low density cannot be explained by current theories of giant planet formation. Some scientific theorists believe heat could account for its size, but they have no explanation as to where this heat comes from.

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