What is the largest nuclear waste site in America?



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    The largest one is supposed to be at Yucca Mountain in Nevada, but this site is new and there has been some political arguments about it. Yucca Mountain has a storage tunnel that leads to an area that nuclear waste has been proposed to be buried that is 1500 feet deep. The area is near a fault line which is believed to be inactive. There are also nearby volcanoes, but they aren’t expected to erupt in the next 10,000 years. This place should be the safest so far to store nuclear waste, and there have been unsafe buildups of local storage of waste at power plants in Idaho. However, citizens of Nevada are upset about keeping the waste in their state because there is no guarantee that the waste will not leak.

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    Emelle, Alabama is home to America’s largest hazardous waste landfill. It is 300 acres and millions of tons of waste has been put there. 

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