What is the largest natural gas field in America?



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    There are over 34,000 oil fields that can be used for commercial purposes in the United States.  Of these, the site at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska was ranked number 1, with 11 percent of production coming from the top 10 fields, and 32 percent from the top 100 fields.  Texas has 25 of the top 100 oil fields, and also makes up 8 of the top 20.

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    I believe that would be the Marcellus Shale of the Appalachian Basin, for natural gas, not crude oil. There is an estimated 168 – 516 TCF (trillion cubic feet); 4,452 – 13,674 x 10^9 m^3 (that is, billion cubic meters) of recoverable reserves.

    map of the Marcellus Shale thickness

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    The Panhandle-Hugoton field in TX-OK-KS is the largest, but the San Juan Field in New Mexico produces more these days. You will find indications that the Haynesville shale gas production is the largest, but it is not one continuous field like the others are – it is a sporadic accumulation within that formation, but I (as a hydrocarbon exploration geoscientist) would not call that a single field. The Marcellus is similar – a package of accumulations, not a single field in the usual sense.

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