What is the largest marsupial?



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    The prehistoric Diprotodon is the largest marsupial ever to walk the earth.  Fossils were found and it seems to have been something akin to a giant wombat, sometimes being referred to as a rhinocerous wombat.  It lived over 100,000 years ago. 

    This marsupial stood up to 5 feet 7 inches and may have been as long as 10 feet from nose to tail.  Remains have been found all over Australia except in Tasmania. 

    The Diprotodon was similar to the wombat in that its pouch opened to the rear instead of the front like kangaroos. 


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    Yes, the above response is correct. Diprotodon is the largest marsupial that ever lived. The largest living marsupial, however, is the adult male red kangaroo. It can weigh up to 205 pounds and stand up to 7 feet tall.

    Image taken from this site.

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