What is the largest mammal?



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    The largest mammal is the blue whale. It is the largest creature to have ever lived on earth. One of the most important reasons that whales have become so large is they have more space to roam, since over 70% of the earth is covered in ocean water.

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    Indeed, the largest mammal is the blue whale. Blue whales are around 100 ft in length. Second-largest is the fin whale, which can reach 88 ft. The largest terrestrial mammal (by overall weight/size) is the African elephant, which can reach 12 ft at the shoulder and weigh in excess of 12,000 lbs (six tons). Largest terrestrial mammal in terms of height is the giraffe — they can be over 17 ft tall (but only weigh around 2,630 lbs). All the statistics are from the corresponding Wikipedia pages for each species, if you’d like to double-check them yourself.

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