What is the largest lizard in the desert?



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    The Chuckwalla is the largest lizard found in US deserts. Males can grow up to 18 inches in length.

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    The chuckwalla is the largest of the desert lizards. It is found throughout most of the Mojave, Sonoran and Colorado deserts, restricted to areas with large rocks, boulder piles, or large rock outcrops on slopes. It is less frequently found on flat surfaces. The chuckwalla is an herbivore, feeding on wildflowers, fruits and leaves of the creosote bush.

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    The Chuckwalla is the largest desert lizard. This large lizard is actually a herbivore. Its diet consists mainly of seeds, fruits, leaves and other perennial plants. Without having year round plants to feed off of the Chuckwalla would never be the largest desert lizard.

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