What is the largest jellyfish species in the world?



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    The lion’s mane is the largest jellyfish species in the world.  It is found mainly in the boreal waters of the Arctic.  The largest one caught was 120 feet with a diameter of 7.5 feet.  The larger species usually reach lengths of 100 feet long and can reach a diameter of 8 feet.

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    The largest jellyfish specie is the Lion’s mane jellyfish.  It lives in the Norther waters of the Artic, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.  Although the vary greatly in size, the jellyfish’s body can grow up to 8 feet in diameter and its tenticles can grow over 120 feet (as shown by one found in 1870 in Massachusetts).  This makes the Lion’s mane jellyfish larger than a blue whale.

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