What is the largest hydroelectric dam in Africa?



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         The largest hydroelectric dam in Africa is the Merowe dam in Sudan. Completed in 2009, The dam is located at the Nile’s fourth cataract. The government of Sudan hopes the dam will increase the supply of electricity in Sudan and by extension its economy. However, the dam project raised humanitarian concerns when it displaced more than 60,000 people from the Nile Valley to drier, less fertile areas. Some of the people displaced claim they received no warning before the water began to rise and no government assistance after they were displaced. Another concern is that like the Aswan dam before it, the Merowe dam is flooding archaeological sites that have yet to be excavated.  

         Plans for a larger dam on the Congo River are underway. Construction is slated to begin in 2014. 


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    The Grand Inga Dam Project, proposed for the Congo River in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is actually the world’s largest plan for a hydroelectric power. The initial feasibility tests have yet to be completed, but if built as planned, it would produce over 38,000MW–over twice that produced by the Three Gorges Dam in China and would be about 1/3 of all the electricity in Africa.

    Currently the largest dam in Africa is located in Sudan and came online in 2009. The Marawi Dam started out producing 1250 MW and will increase to 2500 MW.

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