What is the largest hybrid vehicle?



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    In terms of cars that are used for driving purposes, I think one of the largest hybrids are the 2WD Chevy Tahoe Hybrid and the Toyota Higlander.  In terms of general vehicles, GE and the DOE are trying to come up with hybrid haul trucks.  These trucks are used for massive dumping in mining operations.

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    General Electric has manufactured a few hybrid Haul trucks, which are about as heavy as 200 Chevy Tahoes, the kind of dump truck that is used for mining or moving huge amounts of dirt.  They use a sodium-based battery that GE also uses for train locomotives.

    Other companies are also developing and manufacturing hybrid long-haul cargo trucks, such as Mack and Peterbuilt.

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    The largest hybrid passenger vehicle has got to be the Hummer H2H. It is a full sized Hummer and hybrid. It has gotten some bad press though since its gas millage is only better than a Hummer’s and not actually that efficient. Hummer has released information that they will be releasing a H3 hybrid this summer that is rumored to get 100+ mpg.

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    If you are referring to any type of vehicle and not just cars, there are also fleets of hybrid buses. San Francisco employs these hybrid buses in their Muni system. 

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