What is the largest hurricane ever recorded?



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    Katrina is known to be the deadliest hurricane in U.S. history.  Hurricane Carla is also known to be particularly devastating, and was recorded as the biggest when it hit in 1961.  It bounded for the Texas coast and ended up costing over 2 billion dollars.  When researching the trends of hurricanes, however, you’ll notice they’ve gotten progressively more destructive since we started recording them in the early 1900s. 

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    Hurricane Wilma in 2005 has been recorded to be the strongest hurricane measured at 882 millibars.  Typhoon Tip in 1979 was measured to have a central pressure of 870 millibars.  In terms of destruction and size of the hurricane, it seems like Hurricane Carla takes the honors.  Hurricane Katrina has also been believed to be one of the most destructive hurricanes ever to hit the US.

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