What is the largest gulf in the world?



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    There is no real “legal” definition distinguishing a gulf, a bight, a sea, or other subdivision of an ocean or other body of water. Nor are there absolute definitions of the boundaries of such bodies. Nonetheless, I am sure you can find numerous definitive statements of size of such things if you search the internet. Just be aware that it is mostly subjective, and semantics.

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    The Gulf of Mexico is the largest gulf. The Gulf spans approximately 600,000 square miles, “measuring approximately 995 miles from east to west, 560 miles from north to south.” 



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    The technical definition of a gulf is a deep inlet of sea almost surrounded by land with a narrow mouth. The largest gulf in the world is the Gulf of Mexico, followed by (in decreasing order) the Gulf of Hudson, the Persian Gulf, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Gulf of California, and the English Channel.

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      Thanks for making my point about semantics – there is no “Gulf of Hudson” – it is Hudson Bay.

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      Thank you, you are right about the semantics and Hudson Bay but if we are sticking strictly what is called “gulf” right now, the Gulf of Mexico is the largest “gulf” in the world (even though the Bay of Bengal is larger).

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