What is the largest green house in the world?



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    The Eden project is a collection of giant bubble-like biomass in the UK that, together, comprise the largest greenhouse in the world. Each domed garden houses a plethora of plants from all over the Earth in all different colors, shapes and sizes. Even if you’re not a huge plant lover, the huge domed structures which consist of hundreds of hexagonal and pentagonal inflated plastic cells, are worth a visit to check out in person. In addition to being an educational center that teaches visitors about the importance of preserving plant species and nature, the Eden project also employs several sustainable strategies like using a rainwater catchment system and wind energy. 

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    Cornwall, England, on the island nation’s most southwestern edge, is home to the Eden Project and the world’s largest greenhouse.  This amazing collection of bubble-style biodomes house a collection of plants from across the world, from the rain forests to the Mediterranean to the rolling hills of England herself.  From an architectural standpoint, these sustainable greenhouses are massive, powered in part by wind energy and fed in part by rainwater collection systems.  Inside, the flora of the world thrive year-round, where spectators are welcomed to walk the misty paths amidst exotic plant life.  The juxtaposition between the lush climate inside and the cool countryside of Cornwall is quite breathtaking, giving visitors a true escape into beautiful foreign worlds. 

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    Besides the Eden Project there are some other notable examples. For instance, the Netherlands have some of the largest greenhouses in the world, because 0.25% of the total land in the Netherlands is occupied by greenhouses. Similarily, another high alititude country that has many large greenhouses dedicated to food supply is Spain. In Almeria, Spain where one complex covers almost 50,000 acres. It is called the “sea of plastics.” The 19th century is notorious for producing large greenhouses, including the conservatory at Kew Gardens in England, the Crystal Palace in London and the Crystal Palace in New York and the Glaspalast in Munich. 

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