What is the largest gold mine in the world?



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    The Grasberg mine, found in Indonesia, is the largest gold mine in the world.  It is also the third largest copper mine in the world.  In 2006, the mine produced 58,474,392 grams of gold!

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    The Grasberg open pit mine is the world’s largest gold mine as well as the third largest copper mine. Its total area is 21.4 square miles. Located in Indonesia, the min was originally built on a 4,100 meter mountain but it has been mined down to about 3,000 meters.

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    In 2006, the mine was estimated to have 2.8 billion tons of reserves graded at: 1.09% copper, 0.98 grams/ton gold and 3.87 grams/tons silver. The 2006 production was 610,800 tons of copper; 58,474,392 grams of gold and 174,458,971 grams of silver. The mine is located within 20 kilometers of small equatorial mountain glaciers that serve as indicators of climate change in the region. The mine is located in the province of Papua in Indonesia near Puncak Jaya, the highest mountain in Papua. 

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