What is the largest gas station company?



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    What do you mean by “largest” – greatest revenue? Most stations? Most employees? Widest geographic distribution? something else?

    It is also difficult to quantify because it is not straightforward as to what is a retail gasoline station “company.” For example, Exxon does not own any Exxon stations – they sold them all a few years ago because they are such low profit. So generally, one Exxon station, owned by one franchisee, equals one company. I am sure there are some owners with multiple stations, but Exxon would absolutely not be a significant retail gasoline station company, at least not in the US. While there are still some company owned stations owned by Chevron, Conoco, and others, by no means are all of them – so you cannot simply count Chevron stations (or most any other brand) and call that anything meaningful.

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    Not to generalize too much but most gas stations are a part of a chain, whether regional, national, or international. In a chain business model, one parent company owns all of the business locations and retains all of the profit generated from each chain store.

    For a list of gas station chains in the US, you can check out this link: http://www.johncletheroe.org/usa_can/links/gas.htm

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      As I indicated in my answer it is not correct that Exxon, as one example of many, owns Exxon branded stations. They do not own any of them. So there is a difference between a chain with the same brand, and a company that owns the chain. It would be unusual for all of any of the brands to be owned by the company whose name is on the stations – especially for the “famous” oil company names like Chevron, etc. Once company does NOT own all the locations of the retail outlets under its name. Generally, private, individual franchisees do. There ARE some company-owned retail outlets, of course. Just by no means all of them.

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