What is the largest frog in America?



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    The largest frog in America is the American bullfrog.  It measures about six inches long, and sometimes even up to eight inches!  They are found anywhere in the United States, although they prefer wet areas, and can and will eat anything smaller than them.  

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    Yes, as pauleen stated, the American Bullfrog is the largest frog species in America. (The world’s largest frogs are Goliath Frogs which measure up to 30 inches when stretched out, 13 inches when sitting, and over to 7 pounds.) The American Bullfrog (pictured below) is typically 6 inches (up to 8 inches) in length when sitting and 18 inches when stretched out. 

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    Today’s ceratophyrine frogs living in South America are related to a 65 million year old ancestor from Madagascar that may have been the largest frog ever.  Named the Beezlebufo, or “devil frog,” it measured 16 inches (or 1.3 feet) and weighed 10 pounds.  It was named the devil frog for its sheer size, “scary look,” and “predatory diet.”

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    Goliath Frog is the largest frog species.

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    The American Bullfrog is the biggest frog in North America. These amphibians will eat anything they can fit in their mouth. They are called Bullfrogs because their baritone call resembles a cow’s moo which can be heard during the day and night.

    They are the largest frog in all of North America.The Bullfrog can grow up to eight inches and weight up to one and a half pounds. Bullfrog tadpoles are relatively large also. They can grow up to 6.75 inches. They have a wide range in North America. They can be found in ponds, lakes, and marshes. North America is not the only country these creatures inhabit. They can also be found in Cuba and Mexico.

    Bullfrogs are usually green or a gray-ish brown color. They are nocturnal predators who ambush and eat just about anything that fits in their mouth including other frogs and fish. Their technique consists of waiting quietly for their prey to  pass by and when the moment is right, they will lunge with ther strong back legs with their mouth wide open, devouring them. Female Bullfrogs are generally larger than males.

    While Bullfrogs are the biggest frogs in North America, the Goliath frog is the biggest frog in  the world. These frogs can grow up to twelve inches and weight up to seven and halfpounds.

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