What is the largest foreign owned renewable energy project?



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    I am not certain but I think it may be the Three gorges dam in china, located on the Yangtze river. It is truely a MASSIVE undertaking.

    Although the energy is renewable – in the sense that as long as it keeps raining upriver, water will flow down to the hydro electric  dam – there were some heavy environmental and cultural impacts from the project. Ancient Buddhist monastaries locate in the gorges are now submerged by the lake. The (non renewable fossil fuel) energy embodied in the damn, as well as the pollution generated by its construction is tremendous.

    Like so much in the world today, the three gorges damn is a lesson that their are always tradeoffs in nature.

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      That is a great point, pipicuslambicus. While people refer to hydroelectric power as “renewable,” that does not necessarily mean it is environmentally friendly. Not only is there a lot of non-renewable energy that goes into building dams, but as you noted, the impact on the surrounding environment, whether it be cultural (like Buddhist monasteries) or natural (like fish habitats), can be gigantic.

      Of course, in my opinion, this is not to say we shouldn’t have hydroelectric power, it is just that we should be aware of the “tradeoffs” (as you noted).

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