What is the largest energy consumer in the nation?



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    In the broadest sense, the “Industry sector” is the United States biggest energy consumer, and refers to production of some kind; such as agriculture, automobile manufacturing, steel smelting, coal extraction, etc.  Industry accounts for about 1/3 of all energy used in the US. With transportation comming in second.

    In a more narrow sense, the reason why industry is the largest net consumer of energy is because goods and people are transported great distances. In this way we can understand that a large section of what is called “industry” is actually the transportation of goods used in industry.

    The problem I see with trying to decipher what specifically uses the most energy, is that everything is interconnected. I feel the real answer to this question is a sort of a dog-chasing-its-tail scenario. Like the before mentioned relationship of the industry and transpotation sectors, you cannot have industry without transporting things to a central location, and you can’t have transportation without manufacturing vehicles, building gas stations, constructing roads, etc.

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      I see what you are saying about my question chasing it’s own tail. I hadn’t really thought about the issue that way until now. There are just so many layers to the problem of energy consumption that it is hard to figure out where would be the most efficient place to direct new policies.

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