What is the largest dogs?



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    The tallest dogs are great danes and Irish wolf hounds. The heaviest dogs are English Mastiffs who usually weigh over 200 pounds!

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    English Mastiffs and Newfoundlanders are very large dogs that can weight upwards of 200 pounds! German shepards also are large dogs. Great danes and domberian pinchers are some of the tallest dogs.

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    The biggest dog in terms of mass is the English Mastifff. An Eglish Mastiff from the U.K. named Zorba being weighed as the heaviest dog. Zobra weighed in at 343 pounds and almost measured 8 feet long from nose to tall. The AKC standard height for this breed is 30 inches at the shoulder and 27.5 inches at the shoulder for females. A typical male can weigh 150-250 pounds and a typical female can weigh 120-200 pounds. 


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    The biggest is St. Barnard, English and Bull Mastiff, German Shepards, Great Dane, Newfoundlanders, Zobra, and Irish wolf hounds.

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