What is the largest dam on the Nile?



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    The biggest dams on the Nile River include the Roseires Dam and the Sennar Dam. The Sennar hydroelectric station is the second largest dam in Sudan. It has a generating capacity of 15 MW. 77% of Sudan’s energy comes from hydroelectic power.

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         The largest dam on the Nile is the Aswan Dam, which is also one of the largest embankment dams in the world. The Aswan Dam was built 1970 to control the famous floodwaters of the Nile and provide hydroelectric power to Egypt’s growing population.

         The dam also had negative effects. It displaced over 90,000 people and flooded important archaeological sites. Farmers no longer benefit from rich silt that the annual floods deposited on the Nile’s banks. Instead, they have to use artificial fertilizer.

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