what is the largest crocodile in the world



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    According to Animal Planet, the largest crocodile on record was caught in Papua, New Guinea in 1982. It measured in at 20.3 feet.  Here are some other answers to that question that were previously posted on Green Answers:





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    Reports of crocodiles 33 feet and 27 feet long in India and Australia, respectively, haven’t been substantiated — two crocodiles in Papa New Guinea and Australia, though, were measured at 20.3 feet. Saltwater crocodiles are the largest species, usually clocking in between 13 and 18 feet.

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    The largest captive crocodile is “Yai,” a Saltwater-Siamese hybrid crocodile. In 2000 the Guinness Book of World Records listed him as 19 ft, 8 in from nose to tail. He is now over 20 ft.

    The largest species of crocodile in the word is the saltwater crocodile, which is also the largest living reptile in the world by overall weight. Hatchlings emerge from the egg around 1 ft and grow rapidly, often reaching or exceeding 3.3 ft in 1-2 years. They grow all their life but the most rapid growth occurs in the first 10 years of life.

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