What is the largest creature to ever roam the planet?



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         An ancient order of dinosaurs called sauropods were probably the largest creatures ever. Complete sauropod fossils are rare, so it’s hard to be certain. The longest sauropod, supersaurus, was probably 108-112 feet long, a few feet longer than the longest blue whale, which was 109 feet long. The blue whale is probably heavier than sauropods were. It can weigh up to 190 metric tons.


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    The current largest animal is the blue whale, which are anywhere from 75 to 100 feet long. Many people believe that it has always been the largest, as the largest land dinosaur, the sauropod Argentinosaurus, weighed only about 180,000 pounds, about half of the weight of a blue whale. If there is a larger animal, it would most likely be a sea creature, as it’s harder to support heavy weight on land than in water. 

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    This Web site claims that the blue whale is larger than the biggest dinosaur. 

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