What is the largest city with a smart grid?



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    Boulder, Colorado: The SmartGridCity is the first fully functional smart-grid-enabled city in the world. Today, more than 16,000 smart meters are connected to the system.

    What is “SmartGridCity”?

    SmartGridCity, in Boulder, Colo., is a fully integrated smart grid community with what is possibly the densest concentration of these emerging technologies to date. It is a comprehensive system that includes a digital, high-speed broadband communication system; upgraded substations, feeders and transformers; smart meters; and Web-based tools available through MyAccount. If you live here you are now among the first in the world to enjoy a system using smart grid technology to deliver its electricity. 

    What does SmartGridCity do for me?

    Boulder residents are already seeing benefits from smart grid technology:

    • Your power is more reliable, with less chance of an outage.
    • The electric grid is monitored in real-time, allowing Xcel Energy to predict equipment failure and proactively make necessary repairs before an outage occurs. To date, a number of potentially long-term outages have already been averted.
    • In the event of an outage you can get your power back on quickly, with minimal delay since the Smart Grid technologies allow the utility to monitor customer meters and diagnose individual outages.
    • If you are one of our more than 20,000 smart metered customers, you have a window into your energy use through the MyAccount Web site, where you can learn more and take action to conserve and save on your monthly bills.
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