What is the largest catfish ever seen?



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    the largest catfish caught in Northern American can be seen here in the following YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80BUfQgBap4. The clip is from the show Monster Cats DVD. The catfish weighed over 100 lbs!

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    The largest catfish that has ever been seen was caught in Thailand. Fishers in Northern Thailand netted a 2.7 meters long catfish that weighs at 646 lbs catfish from the Mekong River. The catfish is the largest fresh water recorded.

    According to Zed Hogan, the project leader for the World Wildlife Fund, giant fishes like the giant catfish that was caught is endangered and are rarely therefore poorly studied. He also stated that the largest fish species are dying off. He also said that if we act now we will be able to save from from extinction. Hogan’s project also includes the protection  of giant freshwater stingrays, dog-eating catfishes, dinosaur-like arapaima, the Chinese paddlefish and more.

    The world record breaking Giant Catfish caught in the Mekong River was caught and eaten in a remote village nearby. Environmentalists and local government officials negotiated to have the fish saved so it could continue to thrive in the river but the fish died before negotiations were made.

    If you want to see what the record breaking catfish looked like then please go to the following cite.



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