What is the largest cat ever on earth?



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    I’d have to say the biggest cat is the liger. Granted, it isn’t a natural species of a cat, rather a hybrid. A liger is a cross between a lion and a tiger (different from a tigon, who has a tiger dad and a mamma lion). They can weigh up to 1,000 lb and reach a length of 12 feet.

    However, because they are hybrid they suffer from birth deffects and put the mother, a tiger, at risk due to their size. Now, the biggest wild species would happen to be my favourite kind of cat, the Amur tiger. They are roughly around the same length (10-12 feet) and half the liger’s weight at 660 lb.


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    If the questioner means “ever” then there are several extinct cats that were somewhat larger than the liger. See the link.

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    Both the North American lion and the Eurasian cave lion were the largest cats of prehistoric times, and it is debatable as to which type of lion was larger. They were around eleven and a half feet long (including their tails). The males weighed around 520 pounds, while the females weighed around 385 pounds.  

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