What is the largest Canadian Province?



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    Nunavut is the largest Canadian Province by total land area, followed closely by Quebec. Although Nunavut is a very large area, it has the smallest population–approximately 32,500. Ontario and Quebec have the largest populations with roughly 13.1M and 7.8M, respectively.

    Nunavut is the Canadian Arctic and is known for its “untamed, unspoiled and undiscovered” beauty. 

    For more information, click the following link. http://www.nunavuttourism.com/



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    Quebec in the largest Canadian Province.  Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world.

    The land that is now Quebec was discovered in 1608.  It was once called New France which fits well since most of the province’s inhabitants are native speakers of French. 

    It is now a popular tourist spot with skiing, camping, hunting, fishing, and many other endeavours. 

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    Although Nunavut has the largest land mass in Canada, it is actually designated a territory and not a province.  I am sure you were inquiring about the largest territory OR province, but many Americans do not know there is a difference, so I will not fault the question asker for this slight faux-pas.  The difference between the two is that territories have no ‘inherent jurisdiction’ and only possess power that is delegated to them by the Federal Government of Canada.  Mineral and resource rights do not belong to the territories (although there is a trend moving toward empowerment of territories), in contrast to the provinces, who are allotted the power to manage their specific resources and industry.

    Just a bit of a nit-picky comment from a Canadian member of greenanswers.

    So Quebec is in fact the largest PROVINCE as Whitney36 answered.

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