What is the largest breed of turtle?



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    The largest turtle species is Dermochelys coriacea, commonly known as the leatherback turtle. Full-grown leatherbacks (both male and female) can measure up to six and a half feet in length, often weighing as much as 2000 pounds. They are currently classified as an Endangered Species under the United States’ ESA (Endangered Species Act).

    Leatherback Turtle

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    The largest individual turtle every measured was a leatherback seaturtle that washed ashore in 1988 after being caught in fishing lines. At about 100 years old, it was 9 feet long and weighed over 2000 pounds. The largest freshwater turtles in the US is the Alligator Snapping turtle.

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    The largest turtle species is the leatherback turtle which can grow from 4 to 8 feet long. 

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