What is the largest breed of rabbit?



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    The largest breed of rabbit is the Flemish Giant. Flemish Giant rabbits weigh at adult size a minimum of 5 kilograms, though ones weighing up to 9.5kg have been recorded. They were originally bred in Flanders, in Europe. Quite a pet! Can you imagine owning a rabbit the size of a small dog?

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    In 2010, Ralph the rabbit was deemed the biggest rabbit in the world. Ralph is a Continental Giant weighing 42 pounds and is 4 feet long! He is only 18 months and is beleived to still be growing.

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    Generally, the Flemish Giant rabbit is the largest of the rabbits.  The largest known weight of a Flemish rabbit is 9.5 kg.  However, there are exceptions to the rule.  According to the UK’s Daily Mail, the largest rabbit in the world is Amy, a Continental Giant.  She is four feet long and in February 2008 weighed 15 kg and was still growing at the time.  

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