What is the largest breed of cattle?



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    The largest breed of cattle in the world is the Chinanina. More specifically, the porcelain white Chinanina. It is also one of the oldest breeds of cattle in the world. 

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    The white Chianina, an Italian breed of cattle, is the largest breed of cattle in the world. [img_assist|nid=190841|title=chianina|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=356]

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    This would be the chianina, an Italian breed that stands 150-175 centimeters at the withers and weighs between 800 and 1280 kilograms. They used to be used as draught animals, however now they are used exclusively for beef.

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    The Chianina, originating from central Italy, is the largest cattle breed. Bulls of this breed can weigh up to 3,000 pounds. These cattle are white to gray with a blackish tint. The average Chianina is 150-160 cm at the withers, weighing 800-1,000 kg or about half of their maxmium size.

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