What is the largest berry?



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    If you’re observing the technical, rather than colloquial, interpretation of what a berry is, then a watermelon is likely the largest berry. A berry is defined as “a simple fruit having seeds and pulp produced from a single ovary.” The traits of a watermelon match that description, so in this sense it is the largest berry.

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    The benefits of eating this world’s largest berry, the watermelon, include prostate protection, weight loss, a decrease in cholesterol levels, and blood pressure control. 

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    The largest berry is the pumpkin. Like melons and other gourdes, pumpkins belong to a classification of berry known as pepos (fleshy center, hard rind), but they still fit the botanical definition of berry (produced from a single ovary). One of the largest recorded giant pumpkins was 1,729 lbs.

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