What is the largest aquifer in America?



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    The Ogallala aquifer is the largest aquifer in the U.S.  It is located in the Great Plains, runs across 8 states, and is 174,000 square miles. 

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    The Ogallala Aquifer is the largest in America. It extends beneath 174,00 square miles across eight staes. 

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    The Ogalalla Aquifer is a crucial freshwater source for the United States. Its reserves can be found under New Mexico, Texas, South Dakota, Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, and Wyoming. The Ogalalla was formed when glaciers retreated from the area about 10 million years ago. Due to geologic changes, it’s no longer being replenished by Rocky Mountain streams. Rapid depletion of this groundwater may pose a serious threat to the agricultural region that thrives above it and to all of the people who rely on these food sources.

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