What is the largest appliance in your home?



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    Well, I live in apartment-style dormitory housing on my college campus, so my appliances are fairly limited by what we’re allowed to have. The biggest appliance in my apartment would be my refrigerator. Even if I had a house of my own, the fridge would probably remain the largest I owned. I’ve gotta keep my veggies chilled 🙂

    I have no need for a dishwasher…because I don’t mind doing the dishes! Eventually, I would like to buy a washbucket and wringer for doing my own laundry by hand…I only own a few sets of clothing anyway, so that’s one less large appliance I would have to use.

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    The largest appliance I can think of would be either our refrigerator/freezer combo or the large commercial freezer we store in the garage.  While these appliances are often the biggest most people have, there are ways to make them work more efficiently.  For example, with the freezer, stock that thing up!  A fully stocked freezer has less work to do to stay cold.  As an added bonus, you save on food by buying discounted and in bulk.  With these tips, you can make one of your biggest investments work the hardest for you.

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