What is the largest animal that a pack of coyotes can take down?



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    The largest animal that a pack of coyotes could successfully fell would be one of the larger ungulates, such as an elk or moose. An elk can weigh between 300 and 1000 pounds and can grow to between 4 and 5 feet, not including their antlers. Moose can be even larger, with their height at shoulder (again, not including their antlers, which can be as wide as six-feet across) ranging between five and six and a half feet, and weigh as much as 1,800 pounds (see <a href=”http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals/moose/?source=A-to-Z”>national geographic</a> ) . Definitely not small!

    However, hunting of game that large is uncommon. Packs will more often hunt deer, especially fawns, as they are more abundant and easier to fell. The successfully downing of larger prey is attributed to the ability of the pack to formulate hunting strategies, an option unavailable to single, transient coyotes or mated pairs.


    Elk vs Man

    Elk vs Man


    Moose vs Man

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    Coyotes seldom hunt in packs.  They tend to be in pairs or family groups.  Most coyotes will feed on any animal that does not resist them up to, and including, the size of adult domestic cattle.   When young stock (fawns, calves and lambs) are available they prefer them to adult animals and sometimes kill a fresh one every day when feeding their pups.

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