What is the largest alligator ever hunted and killed?



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    There seem to be a lot of claims on the internet to the title, “largest alligator every caught,” but the largest I could find a record of was a 19′ 2″ alligator, which was caught in Louisiana in 1890.  Most alligators today don’t get bigger than 14 feet, so this record might last for a while.

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    I don’t know about the biggest alligator, but the largest crocodile was hunted and captured in the Phillipines just a few months ago. The saltwater crocodile weighs one ton and measures 21 feet long (Associated Newpapers, LTD., 2011). Villagers engaged in a three-week hunt effort find the animal that had been accused of some local attacks. After the crocodile was captured, no human or animals remains were found inside it. The decision was made not to kill the animal, but put it up for display as the main attraction of a park that is being set up in Agusan (Associated Newspapers, LTD., 2011).

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