What is landfill gas?



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    Landfill gas is made up mostly of methane gas and carbon dioxide, and is emitted from the decomposing materials in landfills. Other materials found in landfill gas in small amounts include nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor, sulfur, and many other materials, including contaminants (mercury and radioactive contaminants have even been detected in landfill gas). There has been some talk of using landfill gas as a new green energy source, but there is some disagreement on whether the benefits of burning contaminants outweighs the costs.

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    To add to that, landfill gas has a few uses that are celebrated by those who believe that landfill gas is a green alternative to burning natural gas. These methods can be employed to produce electricity:

    • internal combustion
    • gas turbines
    • steam turbines
    • fuel cells

    People opposed to the burning of landfill gas claim that it contains less methane than natural gas and more halogenated chemicals, which when burned in the presence of hydrocarbons produce dioxins and furans.  Dioxins and furans are both notoriously toxic to the human body and the environment.

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    Redbird and Tristin are correct. It seems that it is commonly used in the world today. States such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New York, Texas and probably many others have facilities that create electricity from it. Also, General Motors gets some power via landfill gas.

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