What lake is at the highest elevation?



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    Panch Pokhri in Nepal is the highest named lake in the world at 18,025 feet. 

    Lake Titicaca in Peru is the highest navigable lake in the world at 12,532 feet.

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    It’s a tough question, because some of the highest pools of water do not have “lake” in their name or are not recognized or acknowledged by the authorieites of the country they are in. The one at the highest elevation that is universally recognized is Thukpe Dzingbu in Tibet. It sits at an elevation of 5,563 meters (18,251 feet). However, it is too small to meet the standard size of a lake. You can see the picture at the link below: most laypeople would also consider it a pond rather than a lake. Karda Lake is even higher; it is not always recognized as a lake, but it is unquestionably large enough to be considered one. It sits at the base of Karda Glacier in Tibet, close to Mt. Everest, and is at an elevation of 5,643 meters (18,514 feet). That’s the one that would get my vote.

    However, overall the highest elevation pool of water known is Ojos del Salado Pool, on the side of Ojos del Salado volcano in Argentina, at an elevation of 6,390 meters (20,965 feet). It may be a little less than one hectare, the minimum size for a lake, but for all intents and purposes it can be considered the highest one.

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