What is a komodo dragon?



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    A komodo dragon is a lizard, the world’s heaviest in fact. They can get to over 10 feet in length and 200 pounds in weight.

    The feature that the komodo dragon is most known for is its “poisonous mouth”. A komodo dragon’s mouth contains virulent bacteria that can cause its prey to die of infection, even if it survives the initial attack.

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    Komodo dragons are native to Indonesia and can run up to 11mph (but not for long).  They prey on many kinds of animals, including humans!


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    The Komodo Dragon is a diurnal, territorial, and solitary animal (except in mating season). They can live for 20 years, and estimates say there are about 4000 individuals left on the 5 islands in Indonesia where they live. There great size is thought to have evolved due to a lack of any other large predator taking up the niche, a phenomenon commonly attributed to island habitats and often called “island gigantism.” Largely opportunistic in its feeding habits, Komodos have been known to eat carrion, water buffalo, each other, and very very rarely, humans.


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