What kinds of crops would i need to grow to support my family?



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    Subsistence farmers, farmers who grow food just to feed their families instead of to sell, may end up growing just about any crop that they think they will need.

    Usually, a subsistence farmer needs a large amount of biodiversity, to prevent depletion of the soil, as well as a few livestock animals. Chickens make good subsistence livestock, since they provide food in the form of eggs without being slaughtered, they eat insects that could otherwise blight crops, and they have a tendency to scratch at the soil, which aerates it and helps fertilizer be mixed in with the soil.

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    You can grow assorted types of crops ranging from grain crops to tuber crops to support your family in terms of food. This is at subsistence level. But if you want to support you family financially, you can grow commercial crops practising monocropping. 

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