What kinds of trees are most important to the health of a rainforest?



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    There is no one particular species of tree that is most integral to the health of a rainforest.  To the contrary, rainforest thrive on a diversity of species – it is rare to find multiple members of the same species in proximity to each other.  Many different species of Dipterocarpaceae populate the lower forests.  The biodiversity helps avoid spread of disease.

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    I would say the most important trees are the tallest ones. Examples are the Kapok trees found in some tropical rainforests and the redwoods of the some temperate ones – every location will have its own tall species of trees. The reason why I judge them by the height, is because rainforests consist of four or five different layers (with different conditions, flora, and fauna) at different distance from the ground. The larger trees form the base of the upper canopy and emergent layers, are responsible for creating the undercanopy layer, and affect conditions on the ground and shrub layers. So tall trees pretty much create the whole rainforest.



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