What kinds of sheep are people using to mow their lawns?



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    I have read that goats are more effective at clearing land and are used more often. Angora goats are often used, but Boer goats are becoming more popular because they get bigger and will eat more than other types of goats.

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    Since all sheep are grazers, you can use any kind of sheep to mow a lawn.  It really depends on what else you want to get out of them.  Sheep are great for many thigns, and it really doesn’t make sense to have sheep just for landscaping work.  So, you’ll have to decide what other sheep-related products interest you (milk, fleece, or meat), and then choose a breed that suits that interest.  The amount of space you have for them can also be a determining factor.  For small spaces, choose small sheep; if space isn’t an issue, then neither is the sheep’s size.  For inexperienced sheep owners, a hardy, low-maintenance breed is often best.  Cascade Farmsteade Sheep are often recommended as a good small farm sheep, since they are small, hardy, low-maintenane, and produce good meat.

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    You may want to look into Icelandic sheep if you are looking for a small, easily managed, multipurpose breed.  Icelandic sheep may be raised on pasture alone from birth to adulthood.  Plus, the mothers rarely have birthing problems.  Many also have a gene that causes the birth of twins.  Pygora goats are also a good choice for a small lawn.  Pygoras are too small to climb over small fences.  They also are very hardy and easy to manage.  Goats are generally better for brush and sheep are better for grass. I would avoid goats if you want to ensure that there isn’t any damage to trees or shrubs.

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