What kinds of seafood are the most unhealthy to eat because of the mercury?



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    Sharks, swordfish, king mackeral, and tilefish are the worst to eat due to the mercury.

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    Mercury is a naturally occuring element and depending on the type of fish and where its from, they differ in mercury levels.  Great alternatives to eating the types of fish listed above are shrimp, salmon and canned tuna, which are known to have lower mercury levels.  The mercury can stay in your bloodstream for approximately a year so it’s best to be aware of what types of fish you eat.

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    If you are pregnant or underweight you should avoid:  

    Canned tuna 

    Gulf coast oysters 


    King mackerel 

    Largemouth bass 


    Pike walleye 

    Sea bass 



    Tuna steak 

    White croaker 


    Check out the mercury calculator at http://www.gotmercury.org. It will calculate your mercury risk based on your weight and the amount of fish that you plan on eating.  

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