What kinds of products are made from recycled e-waste?



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    Usually, e-waste is broken down into raw materials.  Many electronics contain valuable metals such as copper, lead, and even gold.  These materials can be extracted, melted down and used again to for other products, such as parts for a new piece of electronic equipment, tools, and jewelry. 

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    It depends on the category of material.  There are four.  Metals, boards, glass, and plastics. Metals go to a metal shredder, are combined with vehicle metals and go to be remelted into everything in the world. Monitor and TV glass has about 1.6 pounds of lead per picture tube. When this is recovered by smelting in Canada, the actual glass becomes slag and its weight is lost never to be recycled.  The boards are burned up again in a smelting process to recover a few percent of copper and precious metals.  The plastics are in general burned or landfilled or go to China. In all less than about 20% of your computer is recovered or recycled for actual reuse.

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