What kinds of problems does the three gorges dam have?



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    The most negative impact of the Three Gorges Dam it how it has affected downstream river transport, water supplies, 1.4 million people had to be relocated and there was flooding of more than 1,000 towns and villages. The list continues. The dam is a 1.5 mile barrier plagued by algae and pollution that would previously have been flushed away. The weight of the extra water has also been blamed for tremors, landslides and erosion of slopes. Now they have promised to establish disaster warning systems, (it is in an earthquake zone), reinforce riverbanks, boost funding for environmental protection and improve benefits for the displaced.

    The dam has also affected the middle stretches of the Yangtze River and there are 1,392 reservoirs in Hubei with only “dead water” and has affected the drinking supplies of more than 300,000 people. 

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