What kinds of organic products are significantly more environmentally friendly?

I know you can buy organic versions of almost anything, but which organic products are most impactful compared to their non-organic counterparts?



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    I think what you are asking is: when is buying organic best?

    There are two approaches to answer this question.

    First, when it comes to produce, or foods, the choice to buy organic is always superior, as the use of growth hormones, harmful pesticides or genetic engineering are not permitted in the farming/production of these foods. However, as organic foods are usually more expensive than their traditional counterparts, keep in mind that certain produce choices are best made by assessing the toughness of the produce’s natural resistance to outside influences such as pesticides. Berries, green beans, lettuce, potatoes and tomatoes are all a good idea to buy in organic form. For a complete list of ‘best-to-buy organic’ check out the link at the bottom of this answer.

    Second, when it comes to choosing products that are certified organic, the benefits that you pay for are that the products have been created in a sustainable manner, with organic materials (e.g. cotton, hemp)and many times with fair trade practices. Especially when it comes to products that have environmentally intensive production material and processes, such as skin care and makeup, it’s always best to look for options with organic elements. 

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    The best kinds of products are those that follow the strict regulations of the United States Department of Agriculture. They are USDA approved and have a stamp on them stating that. All kinds of products can be USDA approved, including organic food, makeup, even clothing. Here’s the link to the USDA’s regulations for different products: http://www.ams.usda.gov/AMSv1.0/nop

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