What kinds of nutrients does cactus have in them?



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    Depends on the cactus, but here is one example: the prickly pear, or Nopal cactus, contains vitamin A, B, C and K, as well as calcium, iron, protein, and Omega 3, among other things. It is used in a variety of dishes in Mexico.

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    Large amounts of Potassiums, Calcium, and Magnesium are in raw Nopal (Prickly Pear) cacti–which are the most common to eat. Nopal cacti also have lots of roughage, which helps the digestive system clear out.

    If you’re looking for recipes, refer to here for some cooking suggestions. 

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    Nopal is the culinary name for the pad or edible section of prickly pear cactus. Nopales have 14 calories per 1 cup/3 oz raw serving, with 9 of those being carbohydrates, 4 calories from protein, and fat for the remaining calorie.

    Nopales contain 1.1 g of protein per serving, 2.2% daily value, 0.1g unsaturated fat, less than 1% daily value, and 2.9g carbs, 1% daily value, which includes 1.9g dietary fiber, 8% daily value.

    They also contain 13% of your daily value for vitamin A and C, 14% daily value calcium, 11% daily magnesium, 5% vitamin B-6, and 18 g of sodium, less than 1% daily value. Minor nutrients include niacin, iron, folate, phospherus and zinc.

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    Cacti also contain a great deal of pectin, which is a source of dietary fiber. Pectin is a great gelling agent, too; I’ve even used ground cactus as a supplement to mud plaster on a strawbale structure!

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