What kinds of nutrients are in compost soil?



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    It varies based on the type of compost, most contain phosphorous pentoxide, potassium oxide, and sodium as well as others.  This link: http://www.extension.umn.edu/distribution/horticulture/M1192.html shows the different levels of nutrients in the different types of compost.

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    Good compost soil contains all the nutrients necessary for healthy plant growth, including those found in traditional chemical fertilizer (nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous) in appropriate proportions.  Compost soil also includes nutrients, minerals and microbes necessary to plant growth that are not found in chemical fertilizer, making it a much more holistic approach to soil health.  Remember though that the exact nutrient ratios in a particular compost soil will depend on what materials were used in the composting process, as well as the composting method used.  The US Composting Council provides a certification to identify compost that meets their standards – find more information on their Seal of Testing Approval on their web site at the URL included. 

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